David Reekie

Creative Design Expert, Design Management Leader, Print, Digital and IT jack of all trades master of some!

My over 15 years of experience has allowed the cultivation of an engaging and articulate style of communication, which has been essential for managing the workflow during projects to ensure the timely completion of deliverables within the established budget. I enjoy the thrill of collaborating with clients and cross-functional co-workers to create design concepts, logos, and artwork to support marketing campaigns while simultaneously training and supervising excellence-driven creative teams. Among my many talents are an ability to develop websites and apps while offering first line technical IT support to internal departments. Project management, database management, and change management, event physical and virtual support are all within my professional repertoire.

I would be glad to grow my network with a wider range of similarly minded professionals in my field, so if this resonates with you, let’s connect!

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A selection of Graphic animations, some used as idents for and intro animations for events and website, some just some experiments for my own content, all made with a mix of Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Premier and Blender. 



Virtual events platform

As the event we usually hold at Olympia London in April most years, was unable to take place due to the COVID lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, we like many companies had to turn to running virtual events, after running 2 events using established platforms reasonably successfully I felt as a company with very specific requirements I could build our own platform, so with the help of a great team of developers from Rishabhsoft we built our own events platform using a mix of React, Laravel, on scalable AWS hosted environment, using JW Player as the streaming service, that can scale to our events needs, for less than the cost of using an established event platform for just one event and with the benfit of a bespoke build tailored to our needs.

It was a lot of work and a little fraught when we went live for the first time but it performed well and was well received with over 3500 users over the 4 days of the virtual event and after to watch the on-demand video library.

The platform could also report on site usage tracking 100,000+ interactions as well as having a notification feature and an internal chat messaging system, break out zoom meeting inputs, exhibitor/sponsors channel where they could display video, documents , company descriptions.

We continue to use and develop it as our needs change and will be looking at how we can continue to use it as our events return to a more hybrid approach with a hopeful return to physical events but keep the new customer base who maybe unable to travel or prefer to attend virtually.

Database for customer management and events management

Streamlining and enhancing contact, sales, product, and event management processes across all the business units by developing a customised MS Access frontend database with a tailored SQL based backend platform which monitors, records, and collates interactions.